Every day’s a speeding taxi

No time to walk through the park

Meter’s running, grungy backseat

Desperation leaves its mark

Some day, I’ll beat the system

Some day, I’ll earn a million

Some day, we’ll see the world

And some day, this will seem absurd

Every day’s a roller coaster

G-force upending my soul

Bodies flying, screaming circles

Were we never in control?

Some day, I’m gonna blow off the plan

I’m gonna dig my hands into

some far away sand

And there will be no worries

on that tropical shoal

When the sun goes down,

we’ll see a cosmic show

Some day…

Every day’s a high-wire circus

Clowns and jugglers, lions roar

Big Top crowd is shouting for more

Have no choice but to perform

Some day, I’ll right my wrongs and

Some day, You’ll sing my songs and

Some day, We’ll taunt the crowds and

Some day, We’re gonna laugh out loud and

Some day, this will all make sense,

because everything’s getting

more and more intense

You know the more that you have,

the more you’ll have to let go

‘cause you can’t take it with you

to The Cosmic Show

Oh, some day…

Recorded and produced at 1116 Studios in Colorado Springs, Colorado