This Is My Job

I could be bumming on the streets
or watching the TV
Or standing in a welfare line
getting lots of stuff for free
I would be café surfing
getting jacked up on caffeine
I should be making
better use of my college degree

But this is my job (OMG)!
I spend my days in this chair, 
but my thoughts are way out there
Shuffling boatloads full of busywork
and pretending that I care
This is my job… This is my job!

Sweating someone’s deadlines
as I watch the hours pass
Fending off dementers,
dodging bullets, kissing ass
This is my job… (I’ve been robbed)

I could have seven hits by now
and that would make this #8
Then I’d be on the talk shows
for my fans early and late
And I’d have two Ferrari’s
and a mansion with a gate
This life could be a party
but that just wasn’t my fate

This is my job (OMG)!
I type these words into here,
I print those words outta there,
And all day long I smile and nod,
and act like I could care

This is my job… This. Is. My. Job.
I’m tired of hanging out with
people I wouldn’t care to know,
Feeling down and out
and fed up with what’s on the radio

The days are blowing by and
I’m not going anywhere…
And every day I try my best
to pretend that I don’t care that

I’m on the clock.

Recorded and produced at 1116 Studios in Colorado Springs, Colorado