To Save My Life

Woke up for the last time with my family at home
Twisted the blinds and I plugged in the phone
Ice water dripping down my mirror and face
Know in my heart I’m gonna miss this place

Can’t seem to find enough work in this town
Packing my bags and I’m feeling real down
Know I’ve been along this rocky road before
Thought I was going to Colorado for something more

Ahhhh, everything has fallen through.
I just don’t know what else I can do.
I’ve been trying to get a message to you.
Ow! I gotta face the truth.

And will I make the most of it?
Will I make the most of it to save my life?

Streaking through the sky on a wing and a prayer
Puts a lot of things in perspective down there
Haven’t felt so helpless since I can’t remember when
You know, it’s out of my hands just like it’s always been

Finally getting rid of these material things
Only holding on to my family and friends
If I had just one wish this is what it would be
God, help me make the most of what’s been given to me

This time’s too short
With all I’ve blown
When you’re unknown
You’re really on your own

Will I make the most of it to save my life?

They say, “Time is never on your side.”

Had an inspiration so I wrote down this song
Now I’m gonna prove that the experts are wrong
Everywhere you turn these days we’re constantly told
That you’re only relevant if you’re not too old

Time waits for no one, I can rest when I’m dead
Getting all this pessimism outta my head
Starting fresh today, there’s nothing more to defend
I’m riding pedal to the metal to the bitter end

Will I make the most of it to save my life?

Recorded and produced at 1116 Studios in Colorado Springs, Colorado